We took something you use thousands of times, and made it Simple.

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Make time for things you love, no more fumbling for keys to get anywhere.

Main gate

Shutters / Store rooms



Channel gates

Small & Medium Shops

Opens in less than a second.

No time wasted. Latch Pro has an amazing fingerprint sensor that reads and translates to open at the speed of ‘flash’. Time is valuable. It’s better spent making memories and being productive, rather than being anxious about handling keys and keeping track of where they are..

Remembers who you are and who you trust

A smart lock with a stubborn memory. Latch Pro will remember your unique fingerprint and detect you immediately. You can also program it to remember up to 19 of your trusted friends. So you can share access without having to have keys exchange hands (and risk them getting lost!).

It’s an all-around rough and tough guy.

A lock that can’t be picked- it’s too smart and too strong. Made with durable materials and designed with muscle in mind, it is weather proof and tamperproof. It can withstand 24/7 outdoor use, if that’s what you need it for.

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Latch Mini

M.R.P.: 1,499 (33% off)
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